The Green Room

About Me

My Name Is Paul Peguero, a 31 year old 4th generation farmer and founder of The Pistachio Factory. I grew up with my family growing Almonds, Walnuts, and Pistachios in the Great Central Valley of California. I could remember playing in the Orchards with no idea what an amazing opportunity it has created.


 Now that I’m a lot older I can really look back and see how family farming and farming in general has changed drastically. Even though my observations and perspectives are skewed towards Pistachio Farming (in one small area of California), I would like to share my unique experience with you.


The Peguero family stands as one of many Farming Families that have experienced transformation in The Agriculture Business, but carry the same values as our beginning generations. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and please don't hesitate to email me whats on your mind.


Lastly to let everyone know my English writing isn’t the best so your going to have to bare with me. There will most likely be a few instances where correction will be needed! Once again thanks for reading!