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The Pistachio Factory started with one main concept, “Revolutionize the way we consume Pistachios!” In the food industry today we see varieties of different snacks and nut products with your usual peanut and almond mixtures. As Pistachio Farmers  we got to experience this Green Nut in a variety of different ways. With research and the ever desire commitment to change the way this nutritional green nut can be consumed, The Pistachio Factory was born.


In the last 15 years the nut market has revolutionized all together and Pistachios are becoming the new trendsetter in today's food flavors. Pistachios are considered by many as the healthiest nut to consume and we think the best tasting. Pistachios are one of the Lowest Calorie Nuts and are naturally Full of Antioxidants just to brag a little. Enough about us, we insist that you explore the site to see what else we can offer you.




At The Pistachio Factory we like to see ourselves always pushing new ideas and creation.


As Pistachio Farmers for over 25 years we have the ability to see the full maturity of the pistachio from a small bud to a bright green delicious nut.  We don't buy our products, like most food companies do, but create them from experience through our family farms. Only a handful of individuals know pistachios like we do, and we take pride in this ability. 


Our Products show our commitment to excellence and quality. We do not take any short cuts in the way we manufacture our products. Once you try our products we know you will taste the difference. 


Our Signature Pistachio Butter (many call it Paste) goes through a rigorous process to make it a smooth silky consistency, in return, it gives our consumers the freedom to apply on multiple different applications. The Pistachio Factory is unlike any other company, as we use 100% pistachios for our ingredients, nothing else. Whether it is creating the richest Pistachio Gelato or spreading it on your favorite bread, our pistachio butter brings out the Best In Flavor.

Thank You